About Myself

    Myself, Anne my wife and three grandchildren

Lauren, Shannon and Brandon


I was born and raised in Sheffield England.  Leaving school at fifteen I trained to be an electrician.  I worked as a technician for British Telecom for sixteen years and now work as a technician for the University of Sheffield.

My parents were Christians and brought me up in the local Pentecostal church were I came to know and love the Lord Jesus Christ.

I married Anne in 1970.  In 1973 our daughter Helen was born, followed in 1975 by our first son Jonathan and in 1976 our second son Stephen.

We now also have three grandchildren who are all the children of our daughter Helen.

After several years fellowshipping in the church that I was brought up in, we eventually left and went to a few different churches where we developed a wide experience regarding the different expressions of worship and teaching in the English churches. 

Not being able to find a church that we felt we could settle in permanently made it very difficult for both my wife and myself.  The benefit of this, which I didn't realize at the time, was a knowledge of how different sections of the church interpret the bible and the different emphasis that are placed on the different teachings of the bible.  This forced me to study the bible to seek out the truth for myself.

I also joined forums on the internet where I debated with other Christians on the different interpretations of scripture.  From these I wrote many articles on different subjects which I have placed on my web site.