Handing Over the Kingdom to the Father


In the beginning God was All in All.

That is Elohim the Triune God (God, His Word, and His Spirit).

As John 1 v 1 tells us, “In the beginning was the Word (Logos in the Greek) and the Word was with God and the Word was God”.

“With God” (pros ton theon).   Though existing eternally with God the Logos was in perfect fellowship with God. Pros with the accusative presents a plane of equality and intimacy, face to face with each other. (A. T. Robertson, Word Pictures in The New Testament, John’s Gospel page 4)

The Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us (Jesus Christ) (John 1 v 14).

The Word is the Word of Life which was in the beginning with the Father but has now been manifested to us (1John 1 v 1-2).

The full manifestation of the Godhead could only be manifested to us as God revealed Himself to us in the loving Father and Son relationship which we cannot comprehend unless it is revealed to us by the Spirit of God. Humility is part of the Son’s nature, and as the Son He submits to the Father in all things even though He shares the same glory, essence and substance with the Father. It is only through Jesus that we can know the Father.

The Father is the invisible God (Colossians 1 v 15), who dwells in unapproachable light (1 Timothy 6 v 16), who no man has seen at any time (John 6 v 46).  How can we approach this unapproachable God?  How can we have fellowship with this unapproachable God?  Only through Jesus Christ.  Jesus said that no one can come to the Father except by Him (John 14 v 6). If we love Jesus Christ then the Father will love us (John 14 v 21-23) and will fellowship with us (John 14 v 23, 1 John 1 v 3).  If we reject Jesus then it is the same as rejecting the Father (Luke 10 v 16). If we do not honour the Son it is the same as not honouring the Father (John 5 v 23).

Jesus Christ has been sent by the invisible God to manifest God to us (John 6 v 38, John 5 v 30, 1 John 1 v 2, 1 Timothy 3 v 16), if we love Jesus and receive Him it is the same as loving the Father and receiving Him and therefore the Father will love us and fellowship with us.  The more we love Jesus the greater will be our love, reverence, awe and fear of God the Father.  If we try to love the Father without going through Jesus then that love will be carnal and selfish.  However if we love Jesus then our love for the Father will be real and true.

The Word became flesh and by doing so He willingly limited Himself in certain areas.  (Philippians 2 v 7-8, Hebrews 2 v 9).

He put aside His manifested glory which He shared with the Father (John 17 v 5).

Instead of manifesting His power (except in healings and miracles) He submitted to man’s brutality towards Him and died nailed to a cross.

He was raised from the dead and now has all power in heaven and earth (Matthew 28 v 18), and at this moment in time Christ is all in all (Colossians 3 v 11). God the Father has exalted Him to the highest position and expects that everyone shall bow to Him and declare Him to be Lord (Philippians 2 v 9-11).  It is what the Father has done and it is to His glory, have we any right to make Christ lower than where the Father has exalted Him.  Jesus Christ Himself took the lower place in order to suffer death for us, now God the Father has exalted Him to the highest place and demands that we acknowledge Him as Lord.  If we don’t give Christ the honour that is due to His Name then we are also dishonouring the Father (John 5 v 23).

However there will come a time in the future (after the 1000 years reign of Christ ) when all His enemies will be defeated and the work of Jesus the Saviour is finished (1 Corinthians 15 v 24-28).  He will hand the kingdom to the Father and the Son will be subject to the Father. What the Father sent Him to do is accomplished.  Then once more Elohim the Triune God will be the all in all.

The Son, who reigned with all power and authority in heaven and earth having had all powers subdued under Him by the Father, will now willingly give it all to the Father (the Father gave it to the Son and the Son gives it to the Father) and the Son Himself is subject to the Father.  Although the Son is equal to the Father in essence, substance and nature and shares the same glory as the Father yet as a Son He submits Himself to the Headship of the Father.  This is how it should be, a son, no matter how equal with his father should always honour and submit to his father.  It is the Law of God.  Why should anyone think it to be different in the Godhead, Jesus is full of humility, it is natural for Him, as the Son, to be subject to the Father.  However, as God the Logos, He is one with the Father in the Godhead.  There is no distinction in equality.  God, Elohim, is the all in all. The Son is an office He fulfils in order to reconcile us to God by His death on the cross and the final defeat of all His enemies.


There will always be the Lamb.

The Lamb was there before the foundation of the world (Revelation 13 v 8).

In the New Jerusalem there won’t be a Temple (Revelation 21 v 22-23) because the Lord God Almighty (Jehovah Elohim, the Triune God, the Almighty) is its temple, and the Lamb.

There is no need for sun and moon because the glory of God, which Jesus shares with the Father, enlightens it, and the Lamp which it shines through is the Lamb, and the nations walk in its light.

This brings us back to the beginning because the lamp and the light are the Word of God, Psalm 119 v 105 says “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path”.  In the beginning was the Word (Logos) and the Word was with God and the Word was God (John 1 v 1).

  Mark Greenwood 25/8/12