Olive Tree and the Kingdom of God
By Mark Greenwood (added June 2014)

Was The New Testament written in Hebrew

By Tim Warner (added June 2014)

The Septuagint

By Mark Greenwood (added June 2014)

What Language Did Jesus Speak?

By Dr Mark D. Roberts (added June 2014)

Is Aramaic and Hebrew the Same Language?

By Mark Greenwood (added June 2014)

Septuagint Quotes in the New Testament

Some of the quotes in the NT that are Different in the Modern Hebrew Text (added June 2014)

Midrash: The Camal's Nose Part 1

By Richard Engstrom (added June 2014)

Midrash: The Camal's Nose Part 2

By Richard Engstrom (added June 2014)

The Hebraic Roots Movement

A very indepth study on the dangers of every aspect of this movement (added June 2014)


By Mark Greenwood

An important warning for these last days

Under the Law or Not

By Holly Sprenger Garcia (added June 2014)

Is Tithing under the Law?

By Mark Greenwood  (added June 2014)

Saved by Grace Alone Through Faith Alone Through Christ Alone

Scriptural Texts by Mark Andre (added June 2014)

False accusations (against those who believe in salvation by grace alone through faith alone) is exposed and dealt with.

By  Bruce Baur (added June 2014)

How is a Person Saved?

By Mark Greenwood (added June 2014)

Repentance: Its Meaning and Application

By Thomas Cucuzza (added July 2014)

Victory over the Besetting Sin

By Mark Greenwood

The Sin Bug

By Mark Greenwood

Not Under Law

By Mark Greenwood

The Significance of Baptism

By Mark Greenwood

The Name

By Mark Greenwood

What is a Pastor?

By Mark Greenwood

The Healing Debate

By Mark Greenwood

A look at what the scriptures have to say on the subject of healing.  Many of the arguments against healing for today are dealt with here.


Jesus The Healer

By Mark Greenwood

Overcoming by Faith in the Blood

By Mark Greenwood


The Rapture and Second Coming of the Lord    Updated from November 2006.

By Mark Greenwood 

An interesting view of the possible events surrounding the Lord’s return


Will The Church be here for the tribulation

By Holly Sprenger Garcia (New on 9th March 2012)

Beautiful Snow

This poem was found on an old tract in an old English Church.


The Artist and the Gipsy

Taken from “Things Concerning Himself” September 1966.

The Gifts of The Spirit Through The Ages

By Mark Greenwood

A look at how the Holy Spirit has ministered the gifts of the Spirit through men and woman over the last five hundred years.


The Faith That Walks On Water

By Mike Manto

An excellent article well worth the read.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit  Updated May 2007

By Mark Greenwood


Why Pray in Tongues?

By Mark Greenwood

Word of Faith Movement exposed 

By Jim L. Smith

This is a link to an article on the Cross + Word website. (It will take a few minutes to download).

Many organizations on the surface would appear to be expounders of the truth yet on a closer examination are found to be full of error, Jim Smith examines the Word of Faith movement and exposes the error within.              

Understanding Stress and Depression

By Mark Greenwood

Background information to help people who are suffering from stress or depression.

Isolated Christians

By Mark Greenwood


Spiritual Warfare  (New, 22 / 2 / 09)

By Mark Greenwood

Including binding and loosing


Godly Fear

By Mark Greenwood


After Death

By Mark Greenwood

Who is the Lord Jesus Christ?

By Mark Greenwood

Who is Jesus.  This article looks at the different scriptures that show who Jesus is.

Handing Over the Kingdom to the Father

By Mark Greenwood 25/8/12

Who is The Lord God the Almighty

By Mark Greenwood 3/10/12