I was looking on the bookshelf for something when I came across a paper written in the 70's by a friend I haven't seen in a long time.
The title was 'Transmission'.  With all that is going on nowadays it would be easy to put a wall up and reject it without reading it.

Having had a quick re-read it made me realize how important it is to maintain a close communion with the Lord so that we may impart the Spirit through our words instead of imparting self. He pointed out how our words should be carriers of the Holy Spirit and not just our spirit.
"The Word is not merely the tool used by the Spirit, it is the carrier and imparter of the Spirit-yea more, the Word and the Spirit are one". (The Word of God that is).
He then goes on to show that our words convey a spirit, either the Holy Spirit, our human spirit or an unclean spirit. Our words are very important, the spirit conveyed by them is also important.

In the present day, churches will often take anything that is spiritual and use to excite the congregation, whether or not it lines up with scripture. 
Unfortunately a deceiving spirit can take control of a church causing it to apostate from the truth.  People who have come out of these churches may then feel they need to reject anything spiritual.

How we feel when someone has spoken to us can well reflect their spirit.
Jesus said, "It is the Spirit that quickeneth, the flesh profiteth nothing. The words that I speak to you are Spirit and are Life". John 6 v 63.

Our words give expression to our spirit. If we exercise ourselves in Godliness then hopefully our speech will give expression for the Holy Spirit who lives within us. However words can also convey a heavy spirit, a haughty spirit or proud spirit as well as a sweet spirit or humble spirit.
Job asked his friend who had troubled him with his words, "whose spirit came from thee?" Job 26 v 4.

When James and John wanted to bring fire down on the Samaritans, Jesus said to them "You know not what manner of spirit you are of."
If we want to impart the Spirit with our words then it is important that our spirit is sanctified and that we exercise ourselves according to Ephesians 5 v 18-21. Then it will be natural.

Being in the company of someone sanctified and filled with the Spirit can really encourage us to seek God more.

Inspiration and spirit are closely related and we need to discern the spirit behind inspired words.
Stephen was a man filled with the Holy Spirit, when men disputed with him ‘they were not able to resist the wisdom and the Spirit with which he spoke’.
In 1Corinthians2 v13-16 we see that only the Spirit of God can know the things of God. As He lives within us and as we study His word then the Spirit can open our eyes and reveal the word to us.

When people listen to someone teaching false doctrine, unless the listeners are strong in spirit, they can be influenced by the spirit behind the words. When error is made out to be some wonderful truth then we need discernment concerning the spirit behind it. If we pass on this ‘wonderful truth’, which is actually error, we are also passing on the spirit behind the words.

I would just like to share some more from my friends paper.
“ The New Testament clearly teaches that false doctrine is the fruit of seducing spirits and of the spirit of error. Those who pass on false teachings, therefore, are in grave danger both of progressively coming under the sway of the inspiration of those teachings and also of themselves being channels and transmitters of that  inspiration. One of the effects of false teaching therefore can be to charm the   listeners, thus blinding their eyes and bringing their minds into subjection. This is the reason for Paul’s unusual words to the Galatians.

O foolish Galatians who hath bewitched you that you should not obey the truth? (Gal. 3 v 1)
The word “bewitch” means to charm, bring evil upon by an evil eye, bewitch by spells, cast an evil spell upon. The word the Holy Spirit gave Paul was not exaggerated, nor sensational. The spiritual power of the words of the false teachers was exceeding strong so that even Paul was astonished by the suddenness of the change in the Galatian believers. Doubtless the false teachers did not consciously seek to bewitch and charm. Nonetheless because of the evil spiritual power which inspired their doctrines, they were in reality in possession of the power to charm and bewitch by means of the transmission of the inspiration spirit of their doctrine.”

The Galatian Christians were bewitched by the heresy of the Judaizers, many  Christians today  are being affected by this  same spirit.
This is possibly something that can also happen
in revival.  False teachers come in and charm  others who then pass on their words, and the spirit behind them, to others.

If we have been affected by seducing words that carry an evil spirit, then I believe we need to repent and confess our sin.